We do our best to make investment in our properties available to everyone regardless of your budget. All it takes is a vision and a plan.

There are many who would prefer to purchase a sustainably built home rather than a conventional home, Our focus is to provide a custom made, environmentally friendly & cost effective home which is certainly a hard combination to find. That is why each house is one of a kind design and centred around the need of the homeowner. In addition to our unique home designs the development landscape and gardens are beautifully created using permaculture theory to encourage a healthy lifestyle with organic produce growing outside your door.
This service is designed to give you the freedom to create your dream and allow us to make it a reality, whether your looking for a comfortable retirement home or a 5 bedroom luxury family villa.

Working with our expert team you can choose from plot locations in our spacious development plan, be guided through the design process with 18 designs to choose from. Once agreed, we will build your dream home in a sustainable way while you sit back and relax.

Phase One

Mahogany Farms are custom made and environmentally friendly.

Each home is unique in design and reflects the people that live there. Our homes compliment the landscaping and permaculture, specifically designed and planned to encourage healthy lifestyle and the easy growing of organic produce.

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